Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplaces & Inserts

Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplaces & Inserts


Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces do not require a chimney and can be vented directly through a wall or roof. The direct vent draws its combustion air from outside while venting to the same outside atmosphere – thereby not consuming warm house air, nor competing with other appliances and furnaces for combustion air. Direct venting also eliminates drafts and heat loss associated with other fireplaces.

Natural Vent Gas Fireplace

Natural Vent gas fireplaces take in combustion air from in the home and vents products of combustion outside the home. Also known as a “B-Vent”, a single pipe or liner exhausts combustion by-products to outside the home.

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces

Vent free fireplaces are the ideal choice to bring style and warmth to your home! Zero clearance design allows ease of installation almost anywhere. Please check your local codes regarding vent free products.

Our home comfort consultants would be pleased to match your needs with the benefits of our different brands and models. Let us design the best solution for your gas fireplace design.

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