AC Maintenance In Maple Ridge, BC

Perfect Services of AC Maintenance In Maple Ridge, BC

With temperatures rarely surpassing 24°C, residents of Maple Ridge, BC and surrounding communities often don’t think about their AC until it’s too late. To prevent your AC from failing when you need it the most, it needs a comprehensive tune-up in early spring and preventative maintenance throughout the year.


By scheduling semi-annual tune-ups and preventative maintenance for your AC, you can rest assured that your AC will operate at maximum efficiency year-round. This means you’re not stuck sweating it out during a surprisingly hot day and you will save money on your hydro bill every month you run your AC. Even better, scheduling regular maintenance extends the useful life of your unit!


Homeowners and renters alike should change their air filters regularly. Depending on how many pets you have and how you keep your space clean, this can mean monthly or quarterly. But some regular maintenance should be left to the professionals. During your professional AC tune-up, your technician will adjust the refrigerant levels to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible. This ensures that you save money every month you run your AC.

Your technician will also check all wiring and connections. If you have loose connections, your AC may work now but break down later. If you have loose wiring, your AC may short-circuit. This isn’t just frustrating during the warm summer months. It also presents a fire hazard. Your technician will also:

AC Maintenance in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Coquitlam, BC and Surrounding Areas

  • Replace filters as necessary
  • Check indoor and outdoor coils
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Re-calibrate thermostat and other system controls
  • Check the condensate drain


Don’t wait until your AC breaks to have maintenance performed on it. Save money on your hydro bill and extend the useful life of your AC by scheduling a spring tune-up. Call Big Valley Heating & Air Conditioning today at (604) 467-6474 to schedule your AC maintenance or emergency repair.

AC Maintenance Tips for Going Into Summer

AC maintenance is important to focus on when summer is around the corner. Trying to have AC maintenance done during the summer may mean it being down for a few days. This isn’t really good when it’s blazing hot and you need to cool off.

Working with a really good company like Big Valley Heating & Air Conditioning can help you keep up with your AC so you can stay cool in the summer. They work quickly and have served the Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Mission, Coquitlam areas in Canada for a while now. Let’s look into some AC maintenance tips and why to do them before summer.

AC Maintenance issues

Here’s a shortlist of what is checked on an AC unit during maintenance.

  • The AC fins
  • The coils
  • AC filters

Removing any debris from the unit
A lot of these issues seem pretty simple at first. Ignoring the upkeep of things like AC fins or filters can prevent your AC from operating at its best. It might even lead to your AC unit failing and needing to be replaced.

What a Professional can do for you

A professional can check your AC and fix the issues mentioned above. They can straighten the fins, clean the coils and change the filters. A professional can even recommend little things that you can do to keep your AC in good shape in between maintenance calls. Trying to do these things yourself may seem tempting but it’s best to let the pros do their job and keep your AC in good condition.


Keeping your AC in good condition before summer is in full swing is crucial. Some things involved in AC maintenance is changing filters and keeping debris out of your AC unit. It’s best to let a professional do the AC maintenance to save you time and money. If you need AC maintenance, then don’t hesitate to have it done before summer hits.

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